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[T3] Fastback Pop Outs

Hi Andy (and all),

Having just installed a set of these in my Fastback, I know that they are a
completely different animal than the Squareback popouts.

- The now expensive and hard-to-find seals are somewhat complicated...about 75%
of the seal is reinforced with a metal frame that is fed in between two lips in
the seal.  The metal frame also has two studs welded to them that fit through
holes in the seal, through holes in the window frame (on the body), and are
secured with two nuts to hold the seal/frame combination securely to the car.
The window itself is retained in the seal by a lip that runs along the leading
edge of the window, and about 3 inches down the length of the window on the top
and bottom.  People have talked about reproducing these seals as a cottage
industry, but after working with them ther are by far the most complicated
automotive window seal I've ever seen.

- The windows aren't hinged like the Squareback and Beetle popouts...on the
Fastback, there is no metal frame that holds the window glass...the glass itself
is what hinges...it bends!

- The latches have integral locks that snap the things open and shut...no
fiddling with screw-down knobs like on the Squareback and Beetle popouts.

My Fastback didn't have any nuts welded to the car to which I could attach the
latches...I'm not sure if these just weren't standard, or it's something they
left off for '73 in an effort to save cash.  Let me know if you need any other
information as the install procedure is still fresh in my head.

BTW, the door hinges on my Fasty are the same way...I've tried to shoot some
penetrant and oil in there, but to no avail...any recommendations?

73 Fasty w/ Popouts

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