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Re: [T3] ZZZZZZZippp

Subject: Re: [T3] ZZZZZZZippp

> On 7 Mar 2001, at 23:39, Steven Ayres wrote:
> > Sorry, this is a well debunked myth that we've been through at least a
> > couple of times before on this list. Lead in fuel has no appreciable
> > on normally operated engines other than to slowly poison us and our
> > neighbors. It was snake oil in the days, just as lead substitutes are
> > oils today.
> A lot of old water cooled cars with cast iron heads have the valve
> guides and seats machined right into the head. I am under the
> impression that these heads will wear dramatically without lead in
> the gas. These heads can be upgraded to pressed-in bronze guides and
> hardened seats, but this is a significant expense.
> Fortunately these features have been part of the VW head construction
> from the beginning.
> There was concern in the early days that VWs would suffer from lack
> of lead, but this has certainly been debunked.
> -
Ahhhh, another point to bring up..... VW did change their valve seats in I
think '68. The exhaust seats were changed to "Stelite" <sp>. This was about
the time that leaded gas was going away. It was also at this time that
cylinder temperatures started rising due to the leaner emission standards.

Russ Wolfe

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