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Re: [T3] s&s exhaust

On 8 Mar 2001, at 10:47, Scott Moeller wrote:

> I have stumbled upon one of those "dream" situations ~ a  no rust all
> original 70 SQBK that has 65000 mi, been garaged by the original owner for
> the last 16 years with the engine out, apparantly to have case inserts
> installed. 

Sounds pretty nice. Hope you can make him proud.  ;-)

> I've now re-assembled the engine with all stock components including FI (CR
> of 7.0:1) and, except for an exhaust, am ready to install it.

This engine was originally 7.7:1. Is this what you meant?

> Any luck with the S&S extractor system on these cars? Should I be looking at
> a stock system?

If you HAVE the little rear heat exchangers, I'd go for stock. The 
aftermarket systems have some appeal, but their problems wear on you 
after awhile and I finally gave up on them.

> Also, would it be a wise move to heliCoil the new heads to avoid future
> spark plug stripping?

If the threads are still good, just leave them alone. I lube the SP 
threads with Moly Disulfide paste and they never give me any trouble. 
I recommend that you just use a bit of extra caution when starting 
the plugs in their threads. If you just do these 2 things you should 
never strip out a plug.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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