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Re: [T3] Advice on Type 3 purchase

On 8 Mar 2001, at 20:24, Wayne Collins wrote:

> > my understanding was that the 68s were EFI.  had IRS
> > as an option(included with the automatic which also
> > debuted this year).  and the older style turn signals
> >
> Yup.  According to the article I've just read,

Not quite right. It was not that simple. 68 was the first year for 
FI, and all cars imported into the US from 68 on were FI. AT (with 
IRS) was introduced in mid year 68, but VW did not sell it that year 
in combination with FI, so there were no 68 ATs sold in the US. 69 
was the first year that FI and AT were available together, and that 
option was available in the US. There was no option for IRS with MT 
anywhere in the world in 68. 

> "........all the above plus one piece exterior door handle/lock, small
> chrome bezels for the rear reflectors, chrome bullet front turn signals,
> high back front seats with seat back release knob for rear access, a
> day/night inside rearview mirror, new dash knobs, new style of vent wing
> window locks, new smaller front arm rests, and a new license plate light for
> the squareback.  Also, a filler flap was add to the front right fender so
> for the first time, you could refule your car without opeing the front hood.

This is pretty much correct, except for the day/night mirror. 68 did 
not have that.

> For 1969, the desingers decided to take a rest with the only significant
> change being the addition of the new hanging rear drive train mounts and IRS
> to all the models.  Also, for the first time, rear window defogger became
> standard, the fuel flap got an inside release handle and you could order the
> Fastback in stand trim."

69 MIGHT have seen the introduction of the day/night mirror, or that 
might have happened in 70. I'm not sure. I just know my 68 did not 
come with it, and when they were introduced later, I got one from the 
junkyard and swapped it in.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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