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Re: [T3] What Notch Have I Bought??

Lex Strauss,

Further to my reply to you last night about your car's chassis and engine numbers,
may I suggest that, to find out about what the rest of your vehicle's identity
plate means, you should look at Dave Hall's website for the Type 3 and type 4 Club
specifically: http://www.hallvw.clara.co.uk/dating.htm


Simon Glen
Toowoomba, Australia

Simon Glen wrote:

> Lex Strauss,
> A chassis number of *0415184*  would indicate that it was made in late April
> 1964 and the engine number of 592 389 would indicate manufacture in early June
> 1964.  These dates would be true if the car was made in Germany but manufacture
> of Type 3s began at Clayton in Melbourne early in 1963 with a largely and
> increasing Australian content.  If built in Australia, the vehicle could even
> have come off the Melbourne production line a few months later.  Yet, just to
> confuse matters, the Australian factory still used the German language vehicle
> identification plates under the bonnet.  (The chassis number was never placed
> on the dash except for US models.)  Look at the window glass to see if there is
> a German "VW-Sekurit" logo on it or a circular "Armourfloat" logo.  The latter
> would tell you that it has Australian-made glass and is therefore likely to be
> Australian-built.
> If the car was actually made in Germany, then, because the engine was made more
> than a month after the car, it is not likely to be an original motor.  If it
> was Australian-built, the engine could be original.
> Regards,
> Simon Glen
> Toowoomba, Australia.
> Lex Strauss wrote:
> > Ok I've bought what I was told was a 1965 Notchback 1500 ...  HEre in Sydney
> > Australia RHD ..At least that's what the rego papers say  ... However, I
> > think it may be a 61-62... The numbers dont seem to match up and I'm missing
> > the identification under the back seat and on the dash ... THis is what I
> > can tell you about it ...
> > Engine number - 0592389
> > Chasis number (Under hood) 0415184 It also says ... and I'd like to know
> > what it means ... HEIZG TYP3/255 PRUFZS 039, ZUL BESAMTEGW.KG 1280, ZUL
> > ACHSLAST VORN KG 550, HINKEN KG 750 ... Also note is 31 but no other number
> > ... I know this means Type 3 Notchback ...
> > The car is 6V, has a pressurised water tank for the wipers, single pointed
> > front indicators, single carb?, I believe that the wipers are governed by
> > the revs of the motor!! could be wrong..
> >
> > Any help as to what year or if you'd like photos ... Please come back to me
> > ...
> > Lex strex@flex.com.au
> >
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