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[T3] Pop-Out question of the week

Fastback popout seals vs Squareback popout seals-- are there any
differences, other than the obvious shape and dif't latches throughout the
years? Reason I ask is that my '67 Fastback (stock) only has one big fat
seal on for each popout-- the seal on the body; there is no seal on the
glass itself. I know that's dif't than the popouts I had on my '70 Square,
which were 'two part' seals: one on the body, another on the glass.

Nothing's leaking (yet), but am keeping an eye on the rubber as it is a
little crusty; and anticipating the worst, thought I'd start looking into
replacements. And so, my question.

On an unrelated note: driver's side door squeal when opening and closing. It
feels VERY "tight" unlike the passenger side door which has a nice smooth
operation. I've checked that the hinges are well greased, but no change.
Anything else I need to check?

Andy Askren
Headless Chicken
Tyee Euro RSCG, 513 NW 13th Ave., Portland, OR 97209

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I just did a search looks like its gone.

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> JohnJ=> The "throw" of the shifter is also greater
> => on the automatic, I believe.
> Seems like it wouldn't be too big a deal to adapt, but I dunno.
> In any case I hear there's an original black weave parcel tray on Ebay
> now ...
> Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
> '66 Grosse Karmann
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