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Re(2): [T3] ZZZZZZZippp

Hi Steven,

Although I respect all the information you and others contribute, I would
have to strongly disagree.

To my knowledge, VW converted to Unleaded-Use Heads in the US (which added
Hardended Valve Seats, I'm not sure of the exact date). This should
indicate that there was a need for the leaded fuels to keep the old seats
in good condition and a need to change the seats for the new gas
regulations. (the same principal that required hi-octane pistons and
lo-octane pistons on the VW parts house shelves.)

NASCAR still uses leaded fuels wil their hardened valve seats.

Now, if it is a question of why they didn't use Hardened Seats in the
first place, I can't say.

But it is a fact that 36HP and 40HP VW motors' valve seats were wearing
out because of the unleaded gas and the need to make new heads with
hardened seats to accomodate the unleaded gas.

There may be a point to your statment to the effect that Unleaded Gas
should have been used to prevent the smog problem, but you can't design a
motor for fuel not in public use.

It's (hypothetically) like condeming VW for not using properly-shielded,
nuclear-powered motors in the 2000 model cars.

Who knows, maybe we'll find out in the next 20 years that unleaded gas
fumes lead to premature hair loss...  ;)

Big Al

type3@vwtype3.org writes:
>JedediahM => a lot of older cars from the 50s and 60s
>   => wont run well without leaded gas.
>Sorry, this is a well debunked myth that we've been through at least a
>couple of times before on this list. Lead in fuel has no appreciable
>on normally operated engines other than to slowly poison us and our
>neighbors. It was snake oil in the days, just as lead substitutes are
>oils today.
>Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
>'66 Grosse Karmann
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