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Re: [T3] What Notch Have I Bought??

Hey Lex,

Go here. http://www.autographica.com/t3_parts_book/
Click on Partsbook, then Productioon Survey

Your car was most likely produced between Feb and July of 1964 according
to the chassis number.

Engine built between Dec 63 and July 64.

The chassis number would not be on the dash until later.

The wipers are not engine vacuum operated. If you see an air hose, it's
for the washer and it's powered by the spare tire air pressure.

Front bullet turn indicators are correct, single carb is possible.

A good find in any book!

Good Luck with it!
Big Al

type3@vwtype3.org writes:
>Ok I've bought what I was told was a 1965 Notchback 1500 ...  HEre in
>Australia RHD ..At least that's what the rego papers say  ... However, I
>think it may be a 61-62... The numbers dont seem to match up and I'm
>the identification under the back seat and on the dash ... THis is what I
>can tell you about it ...
>Engine number - 0592389
>Chasis number (Under hood) 0415184 It also says ... and I'd like to know
>what it means ... HEIZG TYP3/255 PRUFZS 039, ZUL BESAMTEGW.KG 1280, ZUL
>ACHSLAST VORN KG 550, HINKEN KG 750 ... Also note is 31 but no other
>... I know this means Type 3 Notchback ...
>The car is 6V, has a pressurised water tank for the wipers, single pointed
>front indicators, single carb?, I believe that the wipers are governed by
>the revs of the motor!! could be wrong..
>Any help as to what year or if you'd like photos ... Please come back to
>Lex strex@flex.com.au
>Too much? Digest! mailto:type3-d-request@vwtype3.org Subj=subscribe

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