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Re: [T3] Oz Type3 panel

Steve Hutchinson,

I once owned a brand new German-made 1968-model Type 3 panel van but that was
a long time ago.  I am also now on the look-out for a reasonable condition
Australian Type 3 panel van.

Externally, the only differences from the station wagon are the metal window
panels.  Internally, for Australian versions, there are no back seat cushions
and the rubber load area mat is replaced by a plywood floor with metal
runners on it.  This plywood floor also covers what would have been the rear
seat back rest.  The rear seat back rest is in the folded flat position and
secured to a low partition or bulkhead just behind the front seats.  Both the
rear seat back rest and the engine access lid are fitted with large piano
hinges.  If you lift up the rear seat back rest you get access to another
semi-secret load area with removable plywood floor under which is the battery
(on the rhs).

I'm sure some Australian panel vans have been converted to station wagons and
these may be detected by the fixed middle side windows, the piano hinges,
plywood floor and most importantly a little plate welded onto the vehicle
behind the spare wheel which gives not the chassis number but the body number
which in the case of Australian Type 3 panel vans begins with "PV" and is
followed by three digits exactly as shown in the photos on the web site of
the blue Sydney panel van for sale.  The station wagon's corresponding plate
will say "SW" and will be followed by up to five digits.


Simon Glen, Toowoomba, Australia.

Steve Hutchinson wrote:

> Good to see another Aussie Type 3 enthusiast on this list!
> Simon, you know your Panels dont you!
> I was tepted to get this wagon, but alas, no room.....bummer.
> Its been for sale for a while now.  Id still like to have a look at it.
> Are you abel to tell us what the difference is between the Panel van, and
> say,
> a standard square back of the same vintage?
> Anything besides the rear window panels?
> Steve Hutchinson.
> Simon Glen wrote:
> : Yes, Todd, I agree with you.  I've looked at the pictures of this Type 3
> : van and to me it looks very rusty.  I know of at least three of these
> : Australian panel vans still on the road here in Australia, one of them
> : in daily service with a major VW-Audi parts supplier in Brisbane as a
> : delivery van.  The official model designation for Australian-built Type
> : 3 panel vans was "Type 366 V30" and they were built during 1965 and 1966
> : at VW's Melbourne factory, including a very high Australian content.
> : Quite a few more than 400 were built.  Number PV423 with a 1966 chassis
> : number lives only 25km from me and is a daily driver.
> :
> :
> :

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