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Re: [T3] Advice on Type 3 purchase

> my understanding was that the 68s were EFI.  had IRS
> as an option(included with the automatic which also
> debuted this year).  and the older style turn signals
Yup.  According to the article I've just read,

"........all the above plus one piece exterior door handle/lock, small
chrome bezels for the rear reflectors, chrome bullet front turn signals,
high back front seats with seat back release knob for rear access, a
day/night inside rearview mirror, new dash knobs, new style of vent wing
window locks, new smaller front arm rests, and a new license plate light for
the squareback.  Also, a filler flap was add to the front right fender so
for the first time, you could refule your car without opeing the front hood.

For 1969, the desingers decided to take a rest with the only significant
change being the addition of the new hanging rear drive train mounts and IRS
to all the models.  Also, for the first time, rear window defogger became
standard, the fuel flap got an inside release handle and you could order the
Fastback in stand trim."

excert from article by Jeff Hollifield titled "Looking back at the life of
The Volkswagen Type III"

Then there was 1970.



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