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I called Deanna's shop today and the first order is complete and ready to be
picked up!  I am going to swing by there on my lunch hour and get them.

Now all I have to do is pack the boxes and get them to the post office.  If
I get really motivated tonight, some of you might have them by Friday.  I
will commit to getting them all in the mail by Friday.  I moved last weekend
and tonight is the scheduled move of the Fasty to its new garage home.  I
have to build a dollly for the front since it has no suspension and then
some buddies and I are going to push/tow it to the new house.  It is only 6
blocks so it should not be too bad.  If all goes smoothly, I should get to
the t-shirts and stuff tonight.

Start watching your mail boxes!

John Jaranson
'71 FI Auto Fasty (Jane)

BTW, I only received two orders in February for shirts and I will place them
this afternoon when I pick up the stuff.  I will continue to take orders
through the end of March for another order to go in the first week of April.
After that I will probably wait a few months before offer another chance to
order stuff.  And yes, I know I still have not updated the website. 8^)
Maybe this weekend.

Pitch in!  Send your pledge of support!  mailto:support@vwtype3.org

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