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Re: [T3] Oz Type3 panel

Yes, Todd, I agree with you.  I've looked at the pictures of this Type 3
van and to me it looks very rusty.  I know of at least three of these
Australian panel vans still on the road here in Australia, one of them
in daily service with a major VW-Audi parts supplier in Brisbane as a
delivery van.  The official model designation for Australian-built Type
3 panel vans was "Type 366 V30" and they were built during 1965 and 1966
at VW's Melbourne factory, including a very high Australian content.
Quite a few more than 400 were built.  Number PV423 with a 1966 chassis
number lives only 25km from me and is a daily driver.

However, relatively uncorroded parts for Type 3 station wagons (or
squarebacks or Variants) are easy to obtain from wreckers yards in
Australia because there are many rural wreckers yards a long way from
the sea and until early1974, when production ended here, the VW Type 3
was the most popular 4-cylinder station wagon sold here.  It was
manufactured in Melbourne from 1963 until 1968 and then CKD-assembled
from 1969 until 1974.  Nevertheless, parts unique to the panel vans are
still really hard to find here and were only in production over a two
year period (1965-1966).

However, VW Type 3 panel vans were also made at Wolfsburg over twn years
from 1963 until 1973 including the later longnose models.  They were
basically Types 365 and 366 built with VW Options M-263 and M-265.

Simon Glen
Toowoomba, Australia.

Todd Daley wrote:

> Had to laugh when I read this at the end of the ad......
> "For restorers, here is the good news - because it is a VW, you can
> still buy every part. What could be easier to restor?"
> obviously he doesn't know a single thing about old VWs...  let alone
> type 3s........
> --
> Todd Daley
> Ontario, Canada
> 65 VW Kombi
> 71 VW Squareback
> 71 VW Fastback
> 85 Audi GT Coupe
> "King, Robert" wrote:
> > Greetings All,
> >
> > I was was reading the mail archive a few
> > weeks ago and remembered some discussion
> > of type 3 panel vans.  Here's a link with a few pix
> > of one here in Oz (and it's for sale too!). Build no. is 189.
> >
> > http://www.chris-edwards.com/stuff/panelvan.htm
> >
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