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Re: [T3] squareback in Hot VWs

all the gas sold in wyoming is 10%ethanol.  its
cheaper because the gas tax is lower on gasahol.

problem about wyoming is that they are allowed to use
the ethanol to bump up the octane to the mins. 
wyoming probably has the worst gas in the US.  they
sell 85, 87, and 91 here.   i dont run the 85 at
all(will knock on any engine).  and the 87 octane here
is lower octane that is boosted by ethanol to 87 so
its pretty crappy stuff.  its very common here for
cars to run 10-15% worse fuel economy than normal
because of the crappy gas(not to mention being at 6000

however ive noticed that the premium here is pretty
good stuff.  at least there the ethanol keeps things a
but cleaner and has enough base octane to run most
engines.  but i know more than a few older VWs in this
reigon that the owners will run 100LL avaition gas
when they can find it(100LL is designed for piston
engine aircraft its 100 octane with a little lead
seems to work well on some VWs that were designed for
leaded gas - not to mention the similarities of the VW
engine to piston aircraft engines)

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