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Re: [T3] re. 64 1500S electrical questions.

>>the push button dashes don't like 12 volt conversions.
Specifically the switch assembly. Not sure if its the dimmer for the
lites, the windshield wiper part or what but I have heard rumour that
life is short when switched to 12v operation. Anybody with experience

Not that I would recommend a 12V pushbutton conversion, but I used to
drive a 63 Type 3 Ghia with pushbuttons that was converted to 12V. No
problems in ten years of daily driving. Everything worked. I no longer
have the car so I can't tell you which relays and how they were wired,
sorry David B. FYI: 12V pushbutton units were available (12V electrics
were an option on the early cars, M630). One of the Type 34 Registry
guys actually found one NOS.

My 65 Square still has its original wiring and the ground wiring you
describe is correct. The signal wires run up to the headlight bucket in
a rubber tube. The headlight and signal wires (inside wiring harness
jacket) then run from the headlight bucket over to the trunk. The brown
ground wire emerges inside the trunk and grounds to sheet metal (front
of luggage area) with a screw.

62 343, 65 361

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