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Re: [T3] CDI question

On 6 Mar 2001, at 9:35, Fuhriman, Mark wrote:

> o Will I use same Bosch W8AC plugs?  Any advantage to using the platinum
> plugs with CDI?  Will I need to change the gap?

You should stick to the same plugs as well as the same everything 

> o Will I use the same Bosch 7mm ignition wires?


> o Will the rotor need to be changed out to one without a resistor?

John Connelly says yes, I have never needed to. But he's working with 
new parts/new CDI, I've got old parts/old CDI. I think Universal is 
the decendant of Delta who did the first CDIs. When you get yours, 
I'd be interested in a schematic for comparison. It's possible that 
they have switched to a larger capacitor for energy storage and that 
this extra energy pushes the modern suppressed rotors over the edge. 
Mine uses a 1uF capacitor.  

Or it could just be that modern rotors are junk....  

> o I guess I will need to drill holes in the cap to allow for the extra
> wiring, right?

It's not for the wiring. The only change to the wiring occurs on the 
coil. It's claimed to be for venting the ozone which is generated by 
the spark. Having 35 years experience with these without venting, I 
remain skeptical.   

Keep in mind that the only thing that a CDI will give you is the 
possibility that it might fire occasionally when the standard 
Kettering ignition won't. I find that on occasion my car will start 
more easily in cold weather (-20F) with the CDI.  

As long as all the other parts of your ignition are in good condition 
there will be NO increase in power or gas mileage. A CDI may fire 
worn plugs that a standard ignition will not, but replacing the worn 
plugs would produce the same effect.  

The primary benefits of a CDI are virtually infinite points life (due 
to low point current), greatly increased plug life (due to much 
shorter spark duration), and more stable timing and less maintenance 
since the points don't wear.  

Another advantage of the CDI is that they usually come with a switch 
that converts back to standard ignition, so changing back for 
whatever reason is trivial.  

BTW, watch out for the 400V on the wrong coil terminal. If you 
connect a timing light there it's history!  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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