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Re: [T3] Crank gear puller

2 jaw pullers dont work well. Besides, they usually put marks on the gear
teeth. There are 2 different styles that I use. The one that I prefer is to
find someone that has a hydraulic press and pay them a couple bucks to pull
it off for you. The next is one that I bought for about $25 about 15 years
ago. It is designed specifically for the AC VW's. It is has horse-shoe
shaped piece that go that goes under the gear, and a couple pieces that go
up from that to a crossbar that has a threaded screw that is used to press
against the end of the crank.

I have scanned it into the computer so if you want to see it, I can email
you direct.

Russ Wolfe
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Subject: [T3] Crank gear puller

> Has anyone hear used one of these?  The ones you see advertised in the
> catalogs.  I need to get the gear off of my crank, and I'm not having any
> luck.  I've tried a conventional two-arm gear puller, heating it up,
> the end of the gear in ice and then heating the gear.  Nothing is making
> gear even budge.  When I put the gear on, I heated it up in oil and it
> practically slipped right on the crank.
> Joe Plowick
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