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RE: [T3] Advice on Type 3 purchase.

are you sure notches were never imported over here? 
for a car that was never sold here seems to be a lot
of em(at least by those standards).  im in the process
of trying to locate a decent T3.  i would love a notch
but have all but given up on finding them out
here(cheyenne, WY).  i know of a number of squarebacks
in town and one fasty(none are for sale).  all the T3s
ive seen around here are the 71+ cars.  and a lot of
automatics around here.

im lookin for a 67 since i want the carbs(personal
preference) and the 12v electrical system.  

--- Phillip Bradfield <phillip@volkshaus.com> wrote:
> '69 is a great year. IRS, short nose old body style,
> 12V. I don't believe
> all models were FI in '69 - list? What's your
> opposition to FI?
> I think Squarebacks are the most plentiful in the
> States. Then
> Fastbacks. Notchbacks were not imported by VW into
> the states.
> Remember some same year cars have interchangeable
> parts from the doors
> forward (Square, Fast, Notch). Some parts are
> interchangeable between years.
> I'd check for rust under the windshield seal, around
> the headlight buckets, and at the
> bottom rear of the front fender well (on the inside,
> body and fender).
> Look also in the usual places: battery area, under
> carpet on the pan.
> Phillip Bradfield - Portland, Oregon
> http://www.volkshaus.com
> '63 Notchback w/ 68 pan - waiting for
> brake,electrical, and carb work
> '68 Squareback - waiting for '67 euro fenders and
> front clip
> '69 Squareback - with new 2.0l wheels.
> '?? T-3 Sandrail
> List info at http://www.vwtype3.org/list or
> mailto:help@vwtype3.org

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