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RE: [T3] Advice on Type 3 purchase.

>I am new to this list, and am looking for the right buy and year in a type

1961 Convertible.  It's really a matter of opinion.

>Are there any particular model years better than others? 

FI is from 67 on.  Carbs before then.  The carbs are kind of rare if anything goes wrong. 12V was 67on.  Late style nose was 70+.  Old style interior to '71. 73 has the benefit of easy seat retrofits (the tracks are similar to modern cars).  

The older ones have plastic tracks for the seats that go bad and the seat rocks like a rocking chair.  This part is hard to find, expensive (relatively for a strip of plastic), and is available through Jim Adney right now at a decent price.

>I like the older
>style front ends, and would like to stay away from FI, for I am quite
>comfortable with carbs.  

Early style, I'd go '69 to get IRS.  61-68 is swing. 61-66 is carb.  Your choice.

Honestly, for longnose/late, I'd go for a '70 square for the popouts.  Notches and Fastys, I have no clue since I'm partial to the Squares.  

I like MT, but lots of people swear by the AT.  For FI it's really no big deal; no big deal with carbs either.  Stick with what the car came with.  FI is easy maintenance (none) and only requires periodic parts replacement. This list has a lot of FI nuts that really know their stuff.  Ditto on the carbs.  DO NOT CONVERT either (FI -> carbs and carbs -> FI) way since you can get what you want from the get go.

>Any unusual rust areas besides the normal end of
>the heater channel places?

See link below.

>any thing special mechanical to look for?
Make sure the front end is good.  Dash pad should be crack free or reasonable (good luck).  Fastys should have perfect popout windows -- you don't want to mess with that.  Sunroofs should work perfectly -- cables are hard to find and they leak/rust if draintubes are neglected.

Check out:

This link will cover a lot of your FAQs

'71 T3 2.3L

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