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Re: [T3] T-3 Sandrail

Wow! That's very cool. I'm going to look for a wrecked 944 and check it
out. Aluminum trailing arms would be very cool. I've been told the lighter
the better in a sandrail.

Thanks for the info!

BTW - I looked at a couple salvage yards for a link pin front end, and one
guy wanted $175 for a used one. I found an ad in VW Trends for Kustom 1
Warehouse for a rebuilt link pin spindle to spindle for $235 + core. Seems
like a pretty good deal. Anyone have any experience with these guys?

"The 944 -> T1 disc brake conversion
also applies to T3 (and I think to T2 as well).  If you run across a 944
the boneyard someplace, check out the trailing arms as well -- I don't
remember if it was all 944s or only the turbo, but you might find aluminum
trailing arms hiding back there that you could use as well."


Phillip Bradfield - Portland, Oregon

Member: Rose City Volksters - http://members.nbci.com/rosecityvolk/


'63 Notchback w/ 68 pan - waiting for brake,electrical, and carb work
'68 Squareback - waiting for '67 euro fenders and front clip
'69 Squareback - with new 2.0l wheels.
'?? T-3 Sandrail

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