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Re: [T3] pressures (long)

> Step 0 is verify valves, points, timing, plugs, spark, etc. are OK.  All
> basic tune-up stuff.

Done, done, done, done, done, and done, except for compression check.
(coming up soon) also checked dwell(sort of) and advance.(35deg)  Spark
looks okay but pitting points say coil could be a problem(?)

> Regulated voltage up where it should be (~14-14.6V @ cruising rpm)?

Checked, but can't remember exact voltage, will check again.

> Look at your plugs.  Are they all black and fluffy, or just 1 or 2?  If
> are all evenly coated, it is probably a system-wide problem.

Done, and replaced, all were identical, looked fine.

>.  You can pull the injector
> assemblies, run the pump and look for leaky injectors.  More than a few
> drips/minute, then replace offending injector.

Done. one still barely sort of leaks some of the time. Still working on

> I think you have a 68 or 69 (?).  If so, make sure the darn pressure
> (not pressure sensor) is hooked up right.

'68, Done, works great, unless the problem is in the computer itself

> Do you have a cold-start device?  Might be leaking

No I do not have one.

> There are other possibilities
Please do continue.

Another problem to really throw you off is that when the engine is cold it
runs very uneven: sounds like one cylinder is having problems but I can't
for the life of me figure out which one.  And yet the plugs are identical.
I have unplugged injecters one at a time many times but I can't quite get it
with just my ears. It happens at all RPM's while cold.  My neighbor is a big
VW nut and mechanic and I have him stumped as well, even after he listened
to it himself.  This unevenness makes it a pain to drive before it is
warmed up, then it is smooth as silk. It is also smooth for about 2 seconds
immidiately after starting, which would point to... mixture? injectors?

While meticulously checking the FI harness (recorded all ohms) I discovered
that injector wires 2 & 3 were switched, correcting this made no difference.
I also inspected the FI points, they looked fine, fired right on time, and
both dwelled the same.(160 and 165 deg about, with a protractor) don't
laugh, I'm desperate
Sorry to be so long, please help.

Barry Viss
'68 Square

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