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Re: type3-d Digest V01 #131

On 5 Mar 2001, at 15:43, Tom Hansen wrote:

>   I believe these grounds were standard issue on these early cars , Jim. The
> turn signal holders have the terminal to attach the ground wire to, plus it
> is shown as a ground on all the diagrams that I have seen.

I realize that the Bentley manual shows a single wiring diagram for 
68 and 69, but the grounds (or at least most of them) shown in that 
diagram, were not present in my 68. I also recall VW making a rather 
big deal about all the new ground wiring when the 69s were 
introduced. Among other things, this meant that the 68 turn signal 
relay has 3 terminals, while the 69 is functionally identical, with 
the addition of a 4th ground terminal. 

While the turn signal bases for these 2 years looked the same 
externally, they are different inside and the 68s did not have the 
spade connector for the ground connection. 

I can't remember for sure where the '68 headlight ground was. It's 
possible that it was run back to the inside of the trunk like was 
described earlier, but I THINK it was just anchored to a sheet metal 
screw inside the headlight bucket.

I'm not familiar with the earlier systems, so I suppose it's possible 
that these grounds were there earlier and then dropped, then re-
established, but I doubt it.

Can someone else tell us?

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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