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Re: [T3] HELP autotranny Parts needed!!

I think these parts you are talking about is
the same as any aircooled IRS axil  setup.
The tranny is very much the same as a bus
with autotranny except for the
gear ratio.
That cover I beleive is the called the governer cover.
As long what is inside the cover is not damaged, then
you are OK . This is a common cover on busses, Type 4's
with auto tranny's also I beleive some newer watercooled
VW's with auto tranny has this cover.
I remember you are from San Diego
so these parts are available there at Ecology
auto wrecking, Interstate VW in Alpine and other places.
You can also go to VEE parts in National
City or Discount auto parts on El Cajon
Blvd in San Diego for new parts. I do not
remember the name of these parts but look in the
Bently manual . Yea put lock tight
on these parts next time I had the same problem from
other component bolts with the grease. If you need more
help on these parts, getting them or recommendations
E-mail the people at the San Diego Type 3 group.
The group e-mail is sandiego@vwtype3.org .
Some of the guys have a ton of parts they can sell
you as well as give you help.


Your questions:
1. will anything be messed up by me pulling it to the house without that
piston thing that spins in there?
2. what are all these things called?
3. should i put lock tight on my axle next time?  Do you think it might of
backed out because i had grease on the threads? cause i think i did have
on there

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