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RE: [T3] pressures

To find out why you're running rich:
Step 0 is verify valves, points, timing, plugs, spark, etc. are OK.  All the
basic tune-up stuff.  If you've done this, then look at other things, but
try to be systematic in your search.

Regulated voltage up where it should be (~14-14.6V @ cruising rpm)?  Like
Jim always says, if it's below 14V, get a new voltage regulator.

Make a pressure gage like the one I described earlier.  One that measures to
60psi would be best because gages are most accurate in the middle of their
range (your target is 28psi).

Look at your plugs.  Are they all black and fluffy, or just 1 or 2?  If they
are all evenly coated, it is probably a system-wide problem.  If just 1 or
2, focus on those 1 or 2 cylinders only.  You can pull the injector
assemblies, run the pump and look for leaky injectors.  More than a few
drips/minute, then replace offending injector.

I think you have a 68 or 69 (?).  If so, make sure the darn pressure switch
(not pressure sensor) is hooked up right.  Recently I discovered on mine
that the hose connecting the pressure switch to the manifold was missing.
That told the switch to stay closed all the time (instead of at around full
throttle only), which is a signal to the brain to make the mixture more
rich.  I connected the hose to the switch and found an immediate improvement
in mileage.

Do you have a cold-start device?  Might be leaking.  It was not standard on
early FI cars, so you may not have to worry about that.

There are other possibilities.  But I'd start here and see if you find
anything out of whack.  I don't think it's your driving, unless you are
"warming up" for 30 minutes!

-Mark Fuhriman

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