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[T3] Re. 64 1500S electrical questions.

> > 1st question I have is are you going to 12 V or staying with 6V?
> Switched to 12V

  I have a concern that may or may not be founded in fact but just have to
mention it. I have heard, and I believe we will get confirmation here one
way or another, that the push button dashes don't like 12 volt conversions.
Specifically the switch assembly. Not sure if its the dimmer for the dash
lites, the windshield wiper part or what but I have heard rumour that their
life is short when switched to 12v operation. Anybody with experience here?

  The turn signal probably had short extension pigtails for the wiring that
ran from the headlite down into the rubber tube and down into the turn
signal. Mine was like this as best I can figure out. Mine also was fairly
tore apart when I got it as somebody else's failed project. With the rubber
mounted fender, ie fender beading, rubber washers on the fasteners, etc. the
only place thaqt actually has metal to metal contact is the rear bottom of
thr fender at one fastener location and that has paint in it. Not reliable
enough for a good ground.

Email me direct for any specific pix and I'll see what I can do for ya.

Later, Tom
Aircraft sparkie

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