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Re: [T3] HELP autotranny Parts needed!! more..

You said,
 i need  that cap that goes on the side of the tranny.
 are not easily found where i live. the car is a 69
 squareback. kAz in FLA! 

These caps are found on any VW aircooled autotranny car 
like 70's busses and some wasserboxer 80's busses (Vanagon,
Eurovan... etc.) this tranny is not as uncommon as one thinks
some fromt wheel drive auto VW's have autotrannys that have
the same internal parts all the way to the 1990's. I spoke to a tranny 
shop as well as searched for parts in books when I reconditioned 
my tranny. The difference between the Type 3 and Type 4 autotranny is 
the torque converter and flexplate and have the same 003 part number.
Between the busses and the type 3 is the torque converter, flexplate
and gear ratio, the  part number for the busses is 004. The front wheel
drive autotranny that first came out is just a reorganized 003 tranny that 
shares the same clutch and servo internals.  All rear engine auto tranny 
will fit our cars except for the converrter that must be for the type 3.
So you must look at all early VW autotrannys from the 60's to the 
80's.  maybe the 90's vans too ??


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