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Re: [T3] HELP autotranny Parts needed!!

On 5 Mar 2001, at 0:14, LOW40hpVW@aol.com wrote:

> the questions
> 1. will anything be messed up by me pulling it to the house without that 
> piston thing that spins in there?

If you just had it pulled, then no. I would not start the engine, 
however, until you put it back together. Russ is more familiar with 
the workings of the AT, though, and I'd defer to him if he disagrees.

> 2. what are all these things called?

It's the governor and the governor cover. While you've got it off 
replace the O-ring (order from your dealer.) They are all leaky by 

> 3. should i put lock tight on my axle next time?  Do you think it might of 
> backed out because i had grease on the threads? cause i think i did have some 
> on there 

I doubt if grease would cause your problem. More likely it means 
that you had some grit between the parts that kept them from fully 
seating when you put them together. I've never had a problem here 
(knock on wood), but I'm careful to clean off the mating surfaces, 
use the OE serrated washers as well as the 2-hole washers, and 
use the torque wrench.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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