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Re: type3-d Digest V01 #131

> Subject: Re: [T3] 64 1500S electrical questions...
> Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 15:44:52 -0800
> From: "Tom Hansen" <DrSoWatt@worldnet.att.net>
> To: "David Britton" <davidbritton2@home.com>, "type3" <type3@vwtype3.org>
> 1st question I have is are you going to 12 V or staying with 6V?

Switched to 12V

> The Back up lites should route as follows starting at the coil. There is a
> black plastic inline fuse holder hooked to the key side of the coil. This
> then routes into the loom and starts follow it over to the rt. tail lite
> area. Approx. one foot from the rt.frt. corner of the engine compartment
> there is a hole that goes thru the body sheet metal that divides the engine
> from the trans area. This wire then routes thru there and to the front of
> the transmission and hooks to the back-up lite switch there. Now a 2nd wire
> hooks to the other terminal and follows the first wire back up thru the
> hole. At this location should be a male 1/4" blade terminal with two wires
> staked in it. These 2 wires go down to the respective back up lites. That is
> the generic way that the later T1+3s were wired.

Thanks.  I'll try it out.

>    My 64S didn't have a wire to the trans, it was at the speedo with the
> trick little gizmo that turned on the back-up lites on when the speedo was
> turned backwards. You only had lite when the car moved.

I have a later model transaxle.  I believe that there was only one year that a
swingaxle came with this reverse light feature.

>   The ground wire for the headlites also goes to the turn signal lite
> housing. It should be a brown wire that hooks to the TS housing, then up to
> the headlite, and then into the body . About 3" from the hole that the loom
> goes thru into the trunk from the fender well, there should be a screw that
> the ring terminal is grounded at.

I know about the ring terminals; taken care of.  Currently, I can't remember the
wiring harness configuration.  I know that one of the 3 wires going to the headlamp
had this "pigtailed" wore on it, only about 4" long.  I forget the colors of the TS
wires... I'll look and see.  Thanks.

>  Shout if ya want pix, my 64 is close and I could snap a couple of pix if
> needed. But Beware!, mine is not exactly like yours, different dash and mt
> back-up lite wiring is totally different than stock. Plus I have a very
> challenged digital camera.

I'd appreciate it if you'd send a few pics my way.  The more info the better!


Summerland, CA
'64 Notch 1500S

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