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Re:re: 64 1500S electrical questions...

Thanks for the info.

> Has your Notch been converted to 12V?


> The 311 941 583 A relay you have is a 12V headlamp flasher (J) for North America
> for 67 and later. The 6V relay your car originally had was either 311 941 581 C
> (up through 66) or 311 941 581B (North America up through 66). Not sure about the
> type 1 relay you were sold. 311 906 061 is a fuel injection relay.

Thanks for the P/N identifications.  One donor car was a 73 variant, hence the FI

> The 6v signal relay (J1) for your car should be 111 953 185 C, but I'm
> sure there are many 6v flasher relays that would work.

The relay I purchased is a 12V relay (for my 12V conversion) but it has one
terminal that does not match the wiring diagram numbering and is missing 2
terminals for wires from the push button switch assy (F and j, I think).  Being
marginally proficient with electrical stuff, I hit a roadblock when the connections
don't match.

> >>I also have bumper mounted reverse lights. What paths are the
> wires routed to the transaxle?<<
> Good question. A 64 originally wouldn't have been wired for reverse
> lights. I don't think the original trans would even have had a reverse
> light connection terminal.

The Swingaxle I have has a reverse light connection.  I believe it is from a '68?

> Scott
> 62 343, 65 361

Summerland, CA
'64 notch

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