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[T3] HELP autotranny Parts needed!!

the story....
Well i had a terrible thing happen.  my driverside axle feLL off right at the 
tranny side of the axle.  the allen head bolts backed out (why?)  i put that 
axle on about 2 months ago when i changed the boot and been driving the car 
daily. I had the bolts tight.  over the 25 ft/lbs torque they require. But, 
the axle fell off and then it bounced of the pavement came up and put a huge 
dent in that little round thing that sits off on the side with the little pop 
on cover similar to our valve covers.  and well there is a big dent in that 
cover so i need another one.

i had to pull the thing out thats underneath there that big piston looking 
thing that spins  and is on that little tiny shaft.  well i pulled that thing 
out and put the cover back on added another quart of atf cause i lost some 
and got someone to pull me to the house after i put the axle back on.  

the questions
1. will anything be messed up by me pulling it to the house without that 
piston thing that spins in there?
2. what are all these things called?
3. should i put lock tight on my axle next time?  Do you think it might of 
backed out because i had grease on the threads? cause i think i did have some 
on there 

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