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Re: [T3] Engine Questions

displacement wise 90.5mm(1776cc w/ stock stroke) bore
is about as big as u want to go on a type3(cooling
issues).  if you wanted to go bigger build a stroker
motor(90.5 x 78 is a common one makes 2007cc).

i know there is a 68 squareback in the new issue of
Hot VWs that is running a 1915cc but i would venture
to say that the owner doesn't drive it much(plus he
has a HUGE oil cooler on the thing)

if you wanted to go carbs now would be the time to
make the swap.

if u stick with EFI i would consult the type3 owners
guide on the vwtype3.org website.  and keep the
compression ratio as close as stock as possible

--- SXTY8SQBAK@aol.com wrote:
> OK first things first.  I have been approved (by the
> wife) to get my 68 
> Squareback engine rebuilt.  Should I buy a long
> block and do the rest myself, 
> or should I have it rebuilt locally by Performance
> engineering?  If I go with 
> getting a long block who should I go with?  When I
> do all of this I would 
> like to go from stock to 1776 or 1914.  Which would
> be a better engine to go 
> with?  Also my engine now is Fuel Injected.  Should
> I stay with that or go 
> with carburetors?  I am going to replace the
> transmission as well.  Should I 
> get it rebuilt or just get a new one?  With the
> bigger engines am I gonna 
> have to get a different transmission or stay stock? 
> I would like to get a 
> freeway flier to put in it but not to sure it the
> engine would go with the 
> transmission.  I appreciate any and all help you
> guys could give me.  I am 
> finally ready to get the project going and can't
> wait to get started.
> Greg 
> 68 Squareback
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