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Re: [T3] 64 1500S electrical questions...

1st question I have is are you going to 12 V or staying with 6V?

The Back up lites should route as follows starting at the coil. There is a
black plastic inline fuse holder hooked to the key side of the coil. This
then routes into the loom and starts follow it over to the rt. tail lite
area. Approx. one foot from the rt.frt. corner of the engine compartment
there is a hole that goes thru the body sheet metal that divides the engine
from the trans area. This wire then routes thru there and to the front of
the transmission and hooks to the back-up lite switch there. Now a 2nd wire
hooks to the other terminal and follows the first wire back up thru the
hole. At this location should be a male 1/4" blade terminal with two wires
staked in it. These 2 wires go down to the respective back up lites. That is
the generic way that the later T1+3s were wired.

   My 64S didn't have a wire to the trans, it was at the speedo with the
trick little gizmo that turned on the back-up lites on when the speedo was
turned backwards. You only had lite when the car moved.

  The ground wire for the headlites also goes to the turn signal lite
housing. It should be a brown wire that hooks to the TS housing, then up to
the headlite, and then into the body . About 3" from the hole that the loom
goes thru into the trunk from the fender well, there should be a screw that
the ring terminal is grounded at.

 Shout if ya want pix, my 64 is close and I could snap a couple of pix if
needed. But Beware!, mine is not exactly like yours, different dash and mt
back-up lite wiring is totally different than stock. Plus I have a very
challenged digital camera.

 '69 Bug, 2161cc, 5spd, etc.
 '64S Notch, 2.7L, Automactic,
        and under renovation

>   I am in the process of installing the pushbutton switches, fuse block,
> the Headlight
>   Flasher Relay (J), and the Flasher Unit (J1) as shown in the wiring
> diagram at the link
>   below.  Since the car was completely disassembled when I acquired it,
> I am uncertain
>   that I have the correct parts.
>   Thanks in advance,
>   DaveB
>   Summerland, CA
>   '64 Notch 1500S
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
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