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[T3] 64 1500S electrical questions...

  I am in the process of installing the pushbutton switches, fuse block,
the Headlight 
  Flasher Relay (J), and the Flasher Unit (J1) as shown in the wiring
diagram at the link 
  below.  Since the car was completely disassembled when I acquired it,
I am uncertain 
  that I have the correct parts.  My FLAPS sold me a relay with p/n 111
941 583, 
  assuring me that this would work, despite my skepticism.  It has only
5 terminals and 
  the diagram shows 6.  I have 2 other items,  part numbers 311 941 583A
and 311 906 


  1.) Can anybody tell me what are the correct part numbers for J and J1
(or a usable substitute)?

  2.) I also have bumper mounted reverse lights.  What paths are the
wires routed to the transaxle?

  3.) The 3rd wire (brown) for the headlights is double crimped with an
additional terminal I suspect is to be grounded to the chassis.  How is
this accomplished?

  4.) And finally, on a non electrical related subject, I cannot seem to
fully insert my gages into the dash so the spring clips are released in
order to snap on the plastic retainer rings.  What gives?

  Thanks in advance,

  Summerland, CA
  '64 Notch 1500S

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