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Re: [T3] charging problem

my comments below

> 1. I recently had my generator light come on brightly. I had the stock 12V
> generator rebuilt for what i feel was a reasonable price. I also replaced
> the voltage regulator with another one I had laying around. Now when I
> on the brakes the Gen light glows lightly. If the lights are on it gets
> worse. Does any one have any suggestions??

Make sure that the generator light is connected to the generator and not to
the oil, I had these crossed and my "generator light" flickered.

> 2. Recently while driving down the road my fasty feels like it has lost a
> cylinder or 2. It still runs but sputters and backfires. If I slow down to
> about 55-60 mph in 4th, with a freeway flier tranny it smooths out but
> doesnt have much power. I took a look today and noticed that the coil wire
> to the distributor was loose. So I pushed it back on snug. Away the fasty
> went smooth as ever. Then going down the freeway at about 75 it did the
> thing. It is a stock dual-carbed 1641.

I never knew that the T3 came as a 1641 STOCK :)

Check your compression , I always find it mighty informative - I found studs
pulling out of the case that way, and once I found a heat deformed head that


> I appreciate any help I can get.
> Erik
> 65 fast
> 55 bug

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