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Re: [T3] charging problem

On 2 Mar 2001, at 17:57, Erik de Jong wrote:

> 1. I recently had my generator light come on brightly. I had the stock 12V
> generator rebuilt for what i feel was a reasonable price. I also replaced
> the voltage regulator with another one I had laying around. Now when I step
> on the brakes the Gen light glows lightly. If the lights are on it gets even
> worse. Does any one have any suggestions??

The voltage regulators are almost more likely to be bad than the 
generators. If your wiring is all in place and properly done then 
just replace the VR. If you have a voltmeter, you can email me for my 
charging system FAQ which will explain how to test everything and 
find the problem.

> 2. Recently while driving down the road my fasty feels like it has lost a
> cylinder or 2. It still runs but sputters and backfires. If I slow down to
> about 55-60 mph in 4th, with a freeway flier tranny it smooths out but still
> doesnt have much power. I took a look today and noticed that the coil wire
> to the distributor was loose. So I pushed it back on snug. Away the fasty
> went smooth as ever. Then going down the freeway at about 75 it did the same
> thing. It is a stock dual-carbed 1641.

The stock size in 65 was 1500. The loose coil wire is probably not 
not your problem, but you should start by checking it again.

Have you done the normal tuneup kinds of things? I don't mean to just 
replace a bunch of stuff, I mean to check the valves, dwell, timing, 
idle, etc....

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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