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Re: [T3] Interior redo

On 2 Mar 2001, at 2:01, TOASTEDT3@aol.com wrote:

> we bought pretty much a full TMI stock basketweave replacement interior for 
> the Notch.  I think everything, which included front and rear seat covers and 
> pads, all interior panels and carpet/pads was $550 or so.

There are a couple of things that have annoyed me with 
replacement seat covers. 

One is that all the ones I have seen use the wrong kind of fabric for 
the panel that forms the rear face of the front seat bottom; this 
should be smooth, NOT basketweave, at least on 68-73. In other 
words, the entire skirt of the seat bottom should be smooth. This 
means that someone sitting in the back seat sees 2 panels facing 
him, both of which are smooth, although the rear of the headrest IS 

The second thing is that the skirt of the rear seat should NOT have 
a seam running right down the middle of the front where it shows. 
The entire front should be one continuous piece of smooth vinyl.

Can anyone who has TMI OE style covers tell me if they have done 
it right?

I'd also be interested to hear if earlier models were done differently 
from the ones I'm familiar with.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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