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SV: [T3] Installed Compufire - Still Won't Start

Have you checked the head temp sensor wire? It may have come loose or been
broken somewhere when you fiddled with the distributor. 

Karl-Olov Sandin
-73 Squareback FI, Sumatra green
…rnskšldsvik, Sweden

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
FrŚn: Matt Small [mailto:msmall@ocvv.org]
Skickat: den 1 mars 2001 22:42
Till: T3
€mne: RE: [T3] Installed Compufire - Still Won't Start

>Not necessarily. Next you have to check to see if the spark is
>coming at the right time: timing.

In this case I need someone a bit more experiance than my 12 year old sister
to turn the key and such.  Thus I have to wait until later tonight.

>> Drew mentioned water in the gas tank?

>A possibility if you have driven the car in the rain lately and if it is a
>68-73 with a broken/cracked overflow hose under the RF fender.

It is a 73 and it has been raining hard here lately.  But the hose (I am
assuming you are talking about the one that comes out the side of the gas
filler area) is ok, the rubber boot that surround the filler area is torn
and falling off.  Can this be a source of water?  The cap was on tight.
(Could that have also been causeing the popping/backfiring that I was
experianceing before it completely died on me?)

>> My fuel pressure and everything was adjusted about a month or so ago,
>> my car had died last.

>Can you hear the pump running for about 1 second when you turn
>the key ON?

That sound would be a faint faint faint buzzing and then a second relay
click right?  If so I have them both.

In response to Greg: Yes my car had been experiancing problems, but has been
running very nicely for about a month now.


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