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[T3] SAN DIEGO T3 MEET Location, Time and Date

I foregot the time !!!!!
Come at 11:00, I will be there this time setting up
my stuff. Some people cannot make till 1:00, don't
worry we will stil be there and strong but maybe 
with just a little less food. It will fall
on a Sunday.



to make it official; the rescheduled San Diego Type 3
Club BBQ/Picnic will be held on 11th of March 2001 at
Balboa Park in San Diego California. The location within 
the park will be in front of the Automotive Museum 
parking lot, if this lot is not busy and crammed, if it is
then it will be at the parking lot behind the Hall of 
Champions. These places are 100 feet around each other.
Next to the Aerospace Museum. If the Auto Museum lot is sparse 
then we will picnic at the grassy  palm tree area in 
front of the Recital Hall next door to the Auto Museum.
If this location is busy and packed then we will have to 
go across the way behind the Hall of Champions where
there is a very large parking lot with grassy areas and trees.
Just look for the Type 3's. I will call the Auto Museum to 
find out if there will be an event that will pack the parking
and so we can reserve the spots. Our group now has a
total of 24 type 3's . The forecast for that day will be a little
warmer at 65 to 70 degrees and Sunny so the cold rain 
blues are over.

Will keep you posted.


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