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Re: [T3] I'm on a roll!

On 24 Jan 2001, at 13:01, Michael Carmody wrote:

> After the horrific speculation by Herr Adney regarding my
> suddenly-seized motor, I slept fitfully.

Sorry, I know how you must feel, but that seemed like a likelyhood 
given your other problems.

> The clamp sits flat as a pancake directly on top of the engine case.
> When installed, the distributor mates flush with the clamp. I can feel
> it, and I can see it. One question here, though: the little round bit
> on the bottom of the distributor (the part with the two bumps that go
> into the dist driveshaft offset grooves) is pretty loose & wiggly. I
> mean, it's connected securely, but can be freely jiggled up and down.
> Is this screwed up? If so, I'm guessing this might have something to
> do with the rotor jumping. I swear that distributor is ALL THE WAY in,
> man. Scout's Honor.

The thing on the bottom of the dist is called the drive dog. It is 
supposed to be loose & wiggly, so this sounds normal. The 2 drive 
dogs should be nice and square, as should the groove in the drive 
gear that they mate to.

> Would over-tightening the clamp cause it to twist upward
> ever-so-slightly? Maybe just 1/32" or enough to throw the rotor out
> when it gets up to speed?

It might move a little, but 1/32" shouldn't make any difference. The 
drive dogs are about 3/16-1/4" tall, and should be nearly fully 
engaged in the drive gear.

> So when you say "drive gear," you mean the gear that turns the
> distributor driveshaft, right? And it's driven off the crank gear?
> (Just want to make sure I'm visualizing this right.)

You got it right.

> > I hope this is not your problem.
> You and me both, Jim! ;) Other guesses? Could my starter be hung in
> the flywheel or something? I was turning the engine over with the key
> when the KLUNK occured.

I suppose it could be the starter. Or any number of other things. 
Did you verify that both washers were properly in place under the 
dist drive gear before you reinstalled the drive gear?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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