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Re: [T3] I'm on a roll!

Jim & All:

After the horrific speculation by Herr Adney regarding my
suddenly-seized motor, I slept fitfully. I mean, a possible ruined case?
Man, oh, man...just minutes before the KLUNK, the engine was running
smoother and sweeter than ever. Anyway, here's an update.
> Make sure that it fits snugly down against the case under where the dist should be.

The clamp sits flat as a pancake directly on top of the engine case.
When installed, the distributor mates flush with the clamp. I can feel
it, and I can see it. One question here, though: the little round bit on
the bottom of the distributor (the part with the two bumps that go into
the dist driveshaft offset grooves) is pretty loose & wiggly. I mean,
it's connected securely, but can be freely jiggled up and down. Is this
screwed up? If so, I'm guessing this might have something to do with the
rotor jumping. I swear that distributor is ALL THE WAY in, man. Scout's

> One note on tightening this clamp: It doesn't need to be very tight on the dist.

Would over-tightening the clamp cause it to twist upward
ever-so-slightly? Maybe just 1/32" or enough to throw the rotor out when
it gets up to speed? Because it's only when I time it and clamp it down
that the rotor jumps loose.

> My best guess is not a very nice prospect. I'm guessing that you have not been getting the > dist installed all the way down. With the dist loose, the drive gear is free to move up
> and down along its channel. Since the crank turns CW when viewed from the rear, its normal > motion will push the drive gear upwards. Normally the dist stops this, but if the dist was >loose, the drive gear can rise up, then get jammed between the crank gear and the case. If > this happens it can be EXTREMELY hard to get back in place. It may not be possible without
> tearing down the engine. It is also possible that the case has been ruined.

So when you say "drive gear," you mean the gear that turns the
distributor driveshaft, right? And it's driven off the crank gear? (Just
want to make sure I'm visualizing this right.)

> The test is whether you can still seat the dist all the way down against the clamp, with > the clamp flush against the case.

Again, right now the distributor is in all the way, with the clamp flat
on the case. Hmmmm...

> I hope this is not your problem.

You and me both, Jim! ;) Other guesses? Could my starter be hung in the
flywheel or something? I was turning the engine over with the key when
the KLUNK occured.

Thanks to everyone for all your advice & such! I can be beeped at
sixty7square@hotmail.com via MSN Messenger if anybody wants to rap on
this or other VW-related whatnot.

Squareback Rescue Adventure 2000

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