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Re: [T3] Horrible News - Need Help

I have taken the EFI apart so many times and studied 
every peice that I can probably troubleshoot your problem
by e-mail or drive an hour to you house in San Juan Capistrano.
You say that the brand spankin new pressure sensor seems
not to perform as well ? Rough idle, less power lost that umph!
I had that happen before. I have taken these apart into little 
peices and put them back together again and still worked unless
I found something broken inside. I have a box of peices of these.
I have mixed and matched my parts from old units and Bret 
rebuilds. I had one old one from Bret instruments that worked,
an old adjustable that worked, a new one from Bosch, and some
old ones (broken). When you get a new one grom Bosch, these
units are riveted together and the cover on top of the adjustment 
is epoxyed in. I have removed the rivets an replaced them with
screws and nuts for some guys Porsch, his unit was full of oil.
I remove the epoxy after removing the back case and hardware
that has the epoxy with a blow torch, heats melts it (epoxy)
and a screwdriver turns the screw for cleaning., remember
remove the parts inside the rear case. Why I am telling you this?
I had your problem, even the right pressure sensor was unsatisfactory.
Just imagine that the manufacturer sell you a carburator with no 
mixture adjustment and that the factory adjustment was set too
lean for you but good for the smog laws. I had this problem with
carburators on my stock gigantic detroit monsters ( 8 liters)
 arg!, arg! arg! . Well since these were from the smog control 
70's and 80's the carburator mixture screw had a plastic cap 
to prevent the user from adjusting the mixture wich was set
factory lean to pass the smog test. If this cap was missing the 
smog test station would fail the smog test until you either got
a new carb or a new seal cap (unbroken). My engines suffered from
heating, knocking, low power and nice round holes in my pistons
when I towed something. So I had to cheat and that corrected the
problem and prevented damage and some real smog due to poor
performance. Every time I drove in different countries (Mexico)
I had to change my mixture to compensate the different fuel
formulations or else nice black smoke and/or poor performance
would be experienced.
When our own oil companies changed formulation I had to compensate
or my truck would knock and have poor performance. The formulation
changes such as oxigenation would change performance from 
great to sucking on engines with long intake runners (dodge slant
six) because of it's less evaporative properties among others.
Modern EFI compensates this problem by using its undependable
oxigen sensors to adjust for poor burn (too rich or lean)
Going back to our sensor In germany where Bosh company was born 
and lives, everything is adjusted by part number since their first
design in germany, with german gas and in the old days when engines 
used the real gas . Even if the specs were upgraded (i doubt it), 
to todays crappy gas, the spec could not be made for every country 
unless you had a differnt part number every time gas changed every few
years at all the countries that used this fuel injection. It would
not be practical so a comprimize at a center/ midpoint may be used.
Since I do not think the fixed adjustment spec has changed since the
part number came out (last time 1972 is used) I think we have those
carburator vs smog rule (mixture seal ) situations going. I f you get
the really old pressure sensors form the junkyard (i have one regurdless
of brand of car (volvo, porsch, jaguar ,mercedes) the pressure sensor
is adjustable until 1975 when laws got tough (mercedes you can see it)
the adjustment was sealed to prevent good performance and to make
it lean with all of the bad stuff that goes with it. 
So when I got my Bret instrument one (adjusted and sealed to german spec
and sealed) my engine ran not too smooth but drivable (I thought that's how
these engines felt since this was my first aircooled a year ago, Detroit
monster guy) so I thought our engines were like 80 pound weaklings 
that gave good gas mileage and was cheap and easy to work on ,(Detroit
monster = $400 month gasoline bill plus hundres to put in every few months
when abused , Crank now broken in 3 places, saving money for crank )
Later no longer satified with my purposely manufactuered weak belief 
(after reading) all of your guys e-mails I decided to replace my bought
used Bret unit
with a new Bosch unit it ran better and I thought I was happy until I went
up a steep long grad to the latest rage aircooled warehouse in
Alpine CA. I decided to experiment, so with my junk box (sensors)
I decided to mix and match parts until I got one good sensor that was
(Mercedes , Volvo  and VW sensor parts) I did not want to break my good 
ones: OLd but not so good ajustable one ( smaller than the others , no
disc diaphram), the used Bret one and the new Bosch one.
I made one good one and performed the surgery described. Installed it :
no start , adjusted , no start , adjusted , bad start, adjusted, missing,
adjusted more ,. missing with black smoke, now the tuning began, lets
see if I remember now: I turned clockwise until missing, smell of gas, black
smoke and almost turning off , turned counterclockwise and experienced 
missing, low power and almost turning off. Does this sound familiar to you
carburator knowledgeable guys ? Two and a half turn from "midpoint"
in any direction caused missing. So I adjusted just slightly more on the
side of midpoint and the results were glass smooth idle and much better
reguardless how my engine performed in the past i always pushed my car to 75
90 on the freeway. These experimental and final adjustments I performed when
on a dirt road to check performance. Accelation and power was great now in
Now i found the high speed , high rpm hesitation during downshift when
to zoom even more. This problem I corrected read my last essay on my
distributor fix a 
couple of days ago on the list.  I now have that porsche feeling under the
gas pedal
on a stock displacement engine, quite fast for me now. ZOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!
Rice burner 
door blower. HEE! HEE! HEE!

Any questions, Want me to drive over ther one of these days
or you want to do it yourself?




So you see all after


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