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Re:Boneyard 69

On 24 Jan 2001, at 3:19, Chazpix@aol.com wrote:

> Hey all. 15 Degrees?Jim PLEASE DO come on down to sunny S.D.! (let's 
> see...how much stuff can you fit  into those overhead bins?!) It was 73* the 
> other day,and I'm sure everyone (here) on the list would love to meet you in 
> person!

Everyone here has been talking about how NICE this january has 
been. 15 deg F is considered mild this time of year and it sure 
beats the heck out of -20 w/20 mph winds. The sky here on days 
like this is clear and the air is clean. We probably don't use much 
more energy here per person than LA uses on a 50 F day, because 
everything is insulated and people here have worried about energy 
efficiency in homes for decades.

I actually lived in Carlsbad near Vista (Chuck's home) for a few 
months in 73-4. I got homesick for real weather, real trees, real ....

It really would be fun to visit out there and put faces to some of 
those type 3 names, but now I've got a real family, real job, real ....


> Jim,I have an early fan(remember you saying awhile ago you'd like
> to take one apart) It's definitely bad(loose rivets) Yours for the
> asking sir. 

I'd love to take it apart. If it has started to crack anywhere then it's 
junk and there's nothing to lose, but if it is just a bit loose Berg 
tack welds these back together as a matter of course when they 
do a type 3 balance job.

How bad is it? Do you have a box it would fit in? I'll pay the 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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