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Re:Boneyard 69

Hey all. 15 Degrees?Jim PLEASE DO come on down to sunny S.D.! (let's 
see...how much stuff can you fit  into those overhead bins?!) It was 73* the 
other day,and I'm sure everyone (here) on the list would love to meet you in 
person! Sorry I missed the group Leon,however I have a good excuse-at the 
same time you all were downtown, I was furiously disassembling a '69 AT FI 
Square in Oceanside.(the boneyard)(till they closed that night) Here's what I 
got everybody...

Rear Bumper Assem.(complete w/brackets)(has holes for rev. lights) (really 
good shape)
Rear L&R reflectors (small ones)(chrome is perfect,reflectors ok)
Air cleaner assembly(both units-oil bath&chamber)(excellent)
Throttle body (Plenum)(excellent shape-no wear on butterfly or 
L&R Intake manifolds w/injectors(yellow)(the tubes and couplings are 
perfect-don't know about the injectors-no way to test)
Generator belt housing (really good shape-1 small dent in 
bottom)(w/inspection cover)
Gen Crank Pulley (perfect)

Anyway, all of this is up for sale(very reasonable)my baby is pretty much 
complete,and I could'nt bear knowing these parts are sitting in a junkyard 
when a fellow listee can put them to good use!
Jim,I have an early fan(remember you saying awhile ago you'd like to take one 
apart) It's definitely bad(loose rivets) Yours for the asking sir.
And I have a bunch of '66 parts I'll post to the "parts for sale" 
 WILL be at the Feb. meet Leon(promise)! 


Chuck Salter
'66 SB
Vista, CA
E-mail to this address: Chazpix@aol.com

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