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Re: [T3] Horrible News - Need Help

On 23 Jan 2001, at 16:41, Matt Small wrote:

> Well, my 73 Square (AT, FI) wouldnt start the other day, I am sure
> most of you know that it has been having problems.  I couldnt figure
> it out so I had it towed to the shop.  Turns out that the Pressure
> sensor was causeing the starting problems, so it was replaced. 
> However, the new sensor, set to factory settings, caused the whole car
> to run differently, and poorly.  So the guy went into the FI and found
> that EVERYTHING is all tweaked and altered.  

Where are you located? Perhaps you're close to someone who can help.

The first question on my mind would be whether your mechanic knew 
what he was doing. Mechanics who still remember D-Jetronic FI are 
extremely rare, but those who make the claim are a dime a dozen. I'm 
VERY skeptical about all of this. Almost no shops have the right 
pressure sensors in stock, so if they had one it seems strange that 
your problem just happened to match the expensive part that had been 
burning a hole in their shelf for 30 years.

Was this a $300 new part or a used part of unknown quality? Was it 
the right part for your VW or did he tell you they were really all 
the same and that he could just tweak your FI and get everything 
working again?

You would probably be better off taking the time to study it 
yourself. Take Mark Fuhriman as your role model.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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