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Re: [T3] I'm on a roll!

On 23 Jan 2001, at 18:56, Michael Carmody wrote:

> On the Squareback front, today I finally got the distributor working
> properly...for about one minute. The Square started immediately and
> actually purred, then stopped. The dadblasted rotor had jumped loose
> again.

Pull the dist and hold the clamp back in position. Make sure that it 
fits snugly down against the case under where the dist should be. If 
it is slightly deformed such that it would hold the dist up a bit 
take it out, put it in a vice and straighten it. One note on 
tightening this clamp: It doesn't need to be very tight on the dist.

With the dist installed, you should be able to feel underneath with 
your fingers and verify that it is seated ALL the way down against 
the clamp and the case.

> Once again, I got it all together and timed. I turned the engine over
> for a few seconds, then <KLUNK>. After that, the solenoid would click,
> but the starter wouldn't turn. I tried turning the engine manually,
> but no dice. Put the car in gear and tried to push it, but that motor
> ain't movin'.

My best guess is not a very nice prospect. I'm guessing that you have 
not been getting the dist installed all the way down. With the dist 
loose, the drive gear is free to move up and down along its channel. 
Since the crank turns CW when viewed from the rear, its normal motion 
will push the drive gear upwards. Normally the dist stops this, but 
if the dist was loose, the drive gear can rise up, then get jammed 
between the crank gear and the case. If this happens it can be 
EXTREMELY hard to get back in place. It may not be possible without 
tearing down the engine. It is also possible that the case has been 

The test is whether you can still seat the dist all the way down 
against the clamp, with the clamp flush against the case.

I hope this is not your problem.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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