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RE: [T3] '69 Squareback for sale !!!

I bought my '67 Sqbk in California, moved to Seattle for
6 years, drove it in CA for another 6 years, and it's
been sitting for about 10 years, doing nothin.  I drove up
to WA with a fresh paint job, and few weeks later got
stuck behind a leaking gravel truck.  Can't go a quarter
of an inch anywhere on the front sheet metal or windshield
without finding a pit down to metal.  Kept driving it up
there without doing anything special to it, other than an
occasional waxing.  The worst rust damage to it had been
from sitting around and not driving it.  The wet weather
from Seattle for 6 years had little to do with it's current
condition.  It's sitting around that's the problem.

Keep it waxed, keep it clean so no dirt buildup to hold
water, and it'll do fine in the Great Northwet.  Fix any
windshield leaks.  My was and still has gobs of silicone
between the glass and rubber and metal.  It's now covered,
to further reduce wet induced damage.  Wow, I wish I had
time to work on it.  Michael's tales of his '67 Sqbk makes
me want to uncover and work on mine, so we can compare
bits and pieces.  I swear I had the same problem with
rotational displacement of the distributor, but I solved
it some other way, and I can't remember how!

Jeff  '67 Sqbk languishing

-----Original Message-----
    Dudes, Im going to be going to college soon in Portland and Im afraid
that the moist weather up there is going to ruin my Sammy girl so I must
sell her. Its a '69 FI, AT Savannah Beige Square. It only has 160k miles and
everything works good !! Well let me know if any of you all are interested
and I will give you some more juicy details !!! Im hoping to get 3500 for it
so let me know !!

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