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RE: [T3] Horrible News - Need Help

Awright Matt, slow down.  Go to the mechanic, settle up with him, thank him
for his time, get whatever old parts he took off your car, get your car
towed back home, and never go back to him.  You have posted your problems
before, but I don't remember your symptoms.  Slow cranking, was it?  I was
in the middle of fighting my own FI gremlins when you wrote in.  You *can*
fix whatever is wrong with your starting problem (it's not always FI
related).  But before you go any further, you need the right tools.  In
addition to the usual assortment of screwdrivers, sockets, and wrenches, you
need these to work on your FI (if that's what really ails on your car):

o Bentley manual
o Download copy of the FI troubleshoot doc. on Toby's site (it helped me!)
o Analog volt-ohm meter (Sears or Radio Shack, ~$12)
o Home-made fuel pressure tester.  I used a regular 60psi gage from the
plumbing department of my local Ace hardware store, a length of 5/16" (I
think) fuel line, the appropriate nipple (hardware store), and some hose
clamps.  Whole thing cost under $10.

That's really about it.  If you want to look into your FI components, you
can check in a systematic way how each part of the system is behaving.
Since your mechanic changed the pressure sensor out, go out and write down
the Bosch part numbers for your ECU, pressure sensor, and both temp sensors.
You need to first make sure all of these components are compatible.  Also
note the general appearance of the FI wiring harness.  Is it cut up anywhere
and spliced together?  How?  Any metal connectors on the wires exposed?  Are
the boots and plastic connector holders on the wiring harness intact?  Any
loose connections?  We'll just need baseline information on how your FI
system may have been treated in the past.  Then, we'll go through the steps
to check things.

You'll sort this out, and it won't necessarily cost a bundle.  Sounds like
your car is pretty nice, so keep it on the road.  Write back with the
details after you have all the right tools, and you *will* sort this out.

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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