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[T3] I'm on a roll!

Hello, Volks:

You may notice I have a different e-mail address on this post. This is 
because I received and inadvertently hatched a virus in my machine 
yesterday, and can no longer use my Netscape e-mail program to send mail 
(lest I infest other machines). Heads up out there, friends! The virus is 
called W95.MTX and was disguised as a document called "I_am_sorry.doc.pif." 
It comes in various forms, usually as a .pif, .exe or .scr file. If you get 
something like this in your inbox, delete it!

On the Squareback front, today I finally got the distributor working 
properly...for about one minute. The Square started immediately and actually 
purred, then stopped. The dadblasted rotor had jumped loose again. I pulled 
the distributor for the umpteenth time and pounded it back in, but for some 
reason, it seems like it keeps scooting up ever-so-slightly, so that the 
offset grooves in the driveshaft head don't properly turn the rotor shaft.

Once again, I got it all together and timed. I turned the engine over for a 
few seconds, then <KLUNK>. After that, the solenoid would click, but the 
starter wouldn't turn. I tried turning the engine manually, but no dice. Put 
the car in gear and tried to push it, but that motor ain't movin'.

Any ideas on what might be hanging it up? Also, private-mail me any really 
funny jokes you've heard lately. I could use a solid laugh. Oh, and beep me 
on MSN Messenger at this e-mail address if you want to talk VW or whatever 

Thanks, peepz!
Squareback Rescue Adventure 2000
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