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Re: [T3] PushButton made easy ?

On 22 Jan 2001, at 23:25, HARLEYTG@aol.com wrote:

> Thanks for the responces. But - I thought a pushbutton culd be
> installed using the wires leading from the Key -Harness. I thought
> I could just insert a switch (pushbutton) between two of them. 

You're right. The wires that are already there are fine, but I still 
recommend that you just replace the switch rather than start 
hacking up the OE wires.

> They must go to an existing relay ? , cause they are not that
> heavy.  Turning the key simply connect a hot terminal to one of
> those wires?

There is some advantage to adding a relay that was not originally 
there. This relay eliminates the voltage drop associated with the 
long wire run up to the front of the car and back to the starter. This 
relay is usually mounted on the side of the transmission and the 
only new wiring needed is back there between it and the starter.  

The fact that you asked this question in the beginning, however, 
tells us that you probably don't know enough to do this installation 
without some help. It's not complicated, but it does require some 
basic understanding of electricity and of automotive electrical 

We just don't want you to come back to us saying that you tried it 
and now all the wires in your dash have burnt to a chrisp!  8<0  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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