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On 22 Jan 2001, at 9:21, Martinez, Leon wrote:

> The most difficult part to tear down was the cam assembly shaft
> (where points open and close) This assembly should be loose and
> must move freely with ease but the shaft was stuck. To remove this
> assembly I had to remove that little felt plug on top and spend a
> half hour extracting the ring clip that held it in place using two
> micro screwdrivers. 

A stuck mech adv is a common problem, usually because no one 
has lubricated the felt plug in a couple of decades. Disassembly is 
easy if you know the "trick." Just grab the cam in soft jaws of a 
vice, remove the felt plug, and tap the center shaft with a punch. 
This takes about 30 sec. This doesn't hurt anything because the 
back side of the snap ring retaining groove is sloped.  

> As I waited I found that the vacume advance assembly, that moves
> the the points to a higher timing number, was stuck with grease
> that was stone. 

I assume it was the 2 halves of the breaker place which were stuck 
together. Make sure to lubricate all the sliding surfaces with grease 
when you reassemble. I usually work over the sliding surfaces with 
a whet stone if there are burrs. You also need to check for wear 
and that the copper braid is still good between the two plates.     

Replacement plate assemblies are still available, but are seldom 
needed if you take care of yours. I have seen ones with the center 
hole of the lower plate worn quite oval, however. These are shot.   

> I proceeded to carefully inspect the EFI points and assembly and
> found that the dist had a leather wiper for the EFI cam and it had
> absorbed corrosion, this can grind my EFI cam down. 

It's actually felt, but it looks like leather where it has touched 
against the cam for decades. Put a few drops of oil on it. The cam 
itself, like the ignition cam should get a light coat of cam grease.   

> I also found that the EFI points were a little slow in closing ,
> gummy grease in the points hinge keeping the rpm down. 

A drop of oil here, yes!   

Yes, a non-functioning mech adv will make a car almost pointless 
to drive. I fix a lot of these. Whenever I open up a dist with mech 
adv the first thing I do is grab the rotor and turn it. It should turn 
easily up to its stop and then return under its own spring action 
when you let it go.   

> Sidenote: Someone rearended my car yesterday with their truck and
> took off, they broke one of my reverse lights, does anyone have one
> of these around you can sell me? 

Sorry! I don't have any.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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