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C-pillar Foam.... was:[T3] Fastback rear shelf...

I suspect that foam in the c-pillar of the Fasty (is in a Square or Notch,
too) is polyurethane foam.  I have not confirmed this, but is looks and
feels like polyurethane foam and when HVWs magazine did an article on
hot-dipping a Fastback body to remove the paint the foam was just beginning
to dissolve a little, but still came out in chunks.  Polyurethane foams are
very chemically resistant, unfortunately for us.

If it is polyurethane foam, about the only way to get it out is with a pair
of needle nose pliers and LOTS of patience.  I have not done this with my
Fasty yet.  You might try putting a small piece in a jar with some solvent
and see what happens.  If it dissolves readily you could potentially
dissolve it out.  I can see where your rotisserie will be real handy for
this.  You could also burn it out, but I would NOT recommend this.......lots
of nasty fumes and you don't know how hot the metal around it will get and
what it will do to the properties of the metal.

Lots us all know what you find out.

John Jaranson
'71 FI Auto Fasty (Jane)

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